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1. Who are you? (Question 1 of 3)
3. What is your need? (Question 3 of 3)
Increase process performance and productivity
Evaluate my suppliers and collaborators
Improve my business vision
Transforming culture or changing paradigms
Reduce my production costs
Understand better cost and pricing
Increase profit, sales or revenue
Technical and technological updates
Standardize and control processes
Do color management
Adjust production to technical standards and good practices
Prepare compliance, risk assessment and crisis management
Make use of intelligence and data science
Improve the communication of my product or service
Prepare my company for sale or merger
2. What is your sector? (Question 2 of 3)
I am (or use the services of) a packaging converter industry
I am (or use the services of) a sticker and label industry
I am (or use the services of) a ceramics industry
I am (or use the services of) a textile industry
I am (or use the services of) a furniture or corner tape industry
I am (or use the services of) an electronics industry
I am (or use the services of) a printing company
I am a consumer goods industry (FMCG)
I am a packaging and label transforming or converter industry
Machines, input and services for converter industries
Machines, software, systems, input and services for printing and converter companies
Approval of color and print in FMCG companies
Printing and converter industries
Pre-printing, preparation, artwork and/or format making
Supplier of machines, input and services for converter industries
Printing and converter industry and participates in the costing and pricing of products and services
Production of material for shipping and enveloping of mail for postal services
Flexographic printing directly or indirectly with flexographic pre-printing
Specification or purchasing of packaging, labels and stickers
Plates, pre-media and bureaus

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