ProjetoPack Editorial, by Marcos Palhares

We invited editors from competing packaging magazines to write our editorial this year.
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Due to the 17th anniversary of our technical magazine for packaging, labels and printing markets, we invited editors from competing magazines to write our editorial this year. People who, like us, face the challenge of disseminating technical knowledge to the graphic sector.

Aislan Baer, CEO at ProjetoPack and editor at ProjetoPack Magazine

By Marcos Palhares, editor of EmbalagemMarca

Occupy this noble space in such a respected publication brings, along with the feeling of joy about the invitation, a great responsibility.

I begin, then, dedicating a few lines to the importance of this publication for the graphic arts industry, especially for the part related to packaging.

The ProjetoPack magazine unites in its pages a strategic vision with a technical approach, constituting a vital tool for entrepreneurs and professionals who work with packaging and label printing.

It is inevitable to not mention who is behind this project: Aislan Baer.

Raised within the graphic arts environment, breathing inks, and listening to the press runs, he has a passion for the graphic arts industry evidenced in every detail of what he does – including the ProjetoPack magazine.

Because only those passionate about this industry survive for 16 years producing segmented media in Brazil. Maintaining a business like this is only justified by attachment and the desire to contribute to the graphic arts industry’s evolution and solidity.

I do not doubt that ProjetoPack magazine goes through situations similar to those we experience in the EmbalagemMarca magazine, which (heroically, I say without modesty) we edited for almost a quarter of a century. Therefore, I take this opportunity to bring a curious fact about the life of publishers to those who believe in the importance of segmented media as a diffuser of important information for the decision-making of companies in general.

The recognition that this periodical publication receives in terms of its value to the industry is considerable.

Also, the requests for editorial space to advertise products, services, and initiatives from players in the value chain to what the ProjetoPack magazine is directed are not rare.  Likewise, I believe that the negatives that the magazine receives when it offers advertising space to these same companies are commonplace. “We don’t have the budget for it”, “We are focusing our communication investments on press relations”, and “We prefer editorial material because it has more credibility than advertisements” are my favorite phrases.

This is not a criticism of the option not to advertise. Much less a questioning of the veracity of these statements (even though I can technically refute them). But we are faced with a peculiar situation: if the magazine has real value for the graphic arts industry, wouldn’t it make sense to contribute to keeping it healthy and growing further, as well as to helping to promote the relevant initiatives of this same industry?

By betting only on a space on the editorial pages, that is “free of charge” and “offers credibility”, potential advertisers expect other companies, with their advertisements, to help cover the costs of the publication.

Thus, they benefit from not having to invest in advertisements for visibility. But if a large part of the market makes this decision, soon there will be no resources to maintain the editorial project. 

Consequently, the tendency is that, over time, the publications will cease to exist, closing a relevant space for communication between suppliers and potential customers. No passion will resist.

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